Otherwise known as illithids, these creatures are amazingly intelligent. [edit] Personality. Monster Manual V (2007) introduced the concept of “thoon”, a driving force (be it some. July 2007, the 5th Monster Manual for 3.5 edition was printed, and within it were the Mind Flayers of Thoon, an offshoot of the Illithid species which had adopted the religion. A mysterious god or other entity worshipped by rogue bands of Mind Flayers in the Dungeons and Dragons role-playing game. For more information on quintessence and the Mind Flayers of Thoon, see Monster Manual V. d8 HD Requirements To qualify to become a Quintessence Adept, you must fulfill all the.

Mind Flayers are extremely intelligent, but often scheme and. The lore goes that a vessel of Mind Flayers was traveling at the far edges of the Astral Plane and. Mind flayers were created by Gary Gygax, who has said that one of his inspirations for them. Quintessence Dragons are living weapons created by the Mind Flayers of Thoon. They are powerful telepaths, leaders of the mind flayers of Thoon. Elder brains are floating, purple, bulbous masses that resemble giant brains with trailing tentacles. Altered by psionic modification and exposure to the Far Planes, Quintessence Dragons are slaves to the. The book includes a new type of Mind Flayer called the Mind Flayers of Thoon.
What the shit is Thoon anyway

The Thoon Mind Flayers are pretty fuckin' crazy
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